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Jan 20, 2019 - 6 minute read

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Check Catalytic Converter with Scan Tool: How To Guide

Intro Scan tools are useful for diagnosing problems with vehicles that are 1996 and newer because they have the necessary sensors installed to generate readings for various engine components. Catalytic Converter with Scan Tool Firstly, you should know if the check engine light illuminates when you start the vehicle. This is the first step in diagnosing the problem. Then, you can use a scan tool to help you figure out why the check engine light has switched on.

Jan 19, 2019 - 8 minute read

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Best Magnaflow Catalytic Converter Reviews In 2022

Intro Quality, Power, Sound are the words Magnaflow as a company lives by. Magnaflow was founded in 1981 by Jerry Paolone. Since their launch, they have grown to become a market leader in the aftermarket catalytic converter and universal muffler space. Magnaflow Catalytic Converter They are ISO-9001 certified which is a standard that sets out requirements for companies to comply with customer needs and regulatory laws.

Jan 17, 2019 - 6 minute read

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[Answered]: What is EGR Delete?

Intro Motor vehicle emissions are turning out to become a more substantial part of each person’s life which is associated with the automotive industry. This is primarily true of those that must service the modern motor vehicle. Ever since emissions controls were introduced in the mid-1960s, numerous types of pollution control devices have been developed. These systems have been supplemented with several other methods that have led to a complicated array of wires, tuning, and vacuum hoses that are found by propping the hood of most motor vehicles today.

Jan 16, 2019 - 7 minute read

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Best Bosal Catalytic Converter Reviews In 2021

By now, catalytic converters have become a household name because they are the necessary emissions control device created since 1975 to be used on passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks. Best Bosal Catalytic Converter Reviews The phrase, “aftermarket converter” however still requires some clarification. They can be universal, original equipment, or refurbished intended to fit a wide range of vehicles. Over time, vehicle owners may neglect their emissions systems by not regularly using a catalytic converter cleaner which in turn leads to the converter’s failure.

Jan 15, 2019 - 6 minute read

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Should You Delete Your CAT Converter?

Catalytic converters are essential technology that helps reduce pollutants in the air such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. These contaminants are fed into the catalytic converter and released as carbon dioxide and water vapor via the exhaust. Should You Delete Your CAT Converter If you are thinking about doing a CAT converter delete, then think again. Tampering with this device is not permitted under Federal Law. Keep reading to find out why in this guide.

Jan 15, 2019 - 13 minute read

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Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner Guide In 2020

Catalytic converters (CC) are an exhaust emissions control device that needs regular cleaning to perform at their best. A catalytic converter’s job is to clean the toxic gases and pollutants in the exhaust gas into less toxic pollutants but whose responsibility is it to clean the catalytic converter itself? Yours! In this guide, we review the best catalytic converter cleaners on the market. Why Does A Catalytic Converter Require Cleaning? Catalytic converters are most commonly found in vehicles whether they are powered by diesel or gasoline.