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Jun 6, 2020 - 3 minute read

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Best DPF Cleaning Kits

Best DPF Cleaning Kits
(Last Updated On: November 22, 2020)

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are very important devices as they help to clean up vehicle emissions. This is especially true in today’s world with all the concern over greenhouse gasses and global warming.

Yet, many people decide to remove/delete their DPFs. Here at, we discourage the practice of DPF delete as there are many more and better reasons to keep your DPF and deal with the issues otherwise.

An excellent way to improve our cars performance and fuel economy while keeping your DPF is to simply clean your DPF.

The easiest way to do this is to purchase a DPF cleaning kit. Below, we will be exploring the very best DPF cleaning kits on the market.

Why Do Diesel Particulate Filters Become Blocked?

To understand why DPFs become blocked, it’s important to understand what a DPF is. A DPF is really just a filter.

Why Do Diesel Particulate Filters Become Blocked

Why Do Diesel Particulate Filters Become Blocked

It filters out all the harmful particles in your vehicle’s emissions before they escape into the atmosphere. Like most other filters, DPFs accumulate a lot of buildups and become blocked over time.

Best DPF Cleaning Kits

How To Clean DPF Filters?

as mentioned, when DPF filters are blocked, it’s necessary to clean them. In general, there is a two-part process of cleaning and flushing process helps to break down a blockage.

This allows the vehicle to clean the DPF and perform what is called regeneration.

Do I Need To Remove The DPF

In general, removal of the DPF is not at all necessary. Instead, the DPF can be accessed via pressure or temperature sensor that may be found in the exhaust system. How?

Well, its quite simple, a probe can be inserted through the sensor opening which will allow you to spray the cleaning fluid directly onto the surface of the DPF.

The DPF Cleaning Process

The DPF cleaning process is rather simple and involves two parts:

  • Cleaning: The very first step involves using a cleaner. These cleaners quite easily dissolve the encrusted soot which accumulates over time.
  • Flushing: second is the flushing process. Now that the DPF has been cleaned, you need to remove all that cleaned soot from the device. If this is not done, the exhaust will not flow easily out the device and so the cleaning process would have been of no use. Also, flushing the DPF will cause the regeneration process to occur.

How Long Does DPF Cleaning Take

Of course, the amount of time your DPF cleaning will take will depend on the type of vehicle and how fast you or your mechanic are able to work.

However, in general, the process shouldn’t take much more than one and a half to two hours.