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Jun 21, 2019 - 6 minute read

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SOLVED: What Does Service AdvanceTrac Mean and Fixes

What Does Service Advancetrac Mean on a car
(Last Updated On: October 1, 2020)

What Does Service Advancetrac® Warning Mean and How To Fix It

What does service Advancetrac mean? Advancetrac is a system alert that normally pops up when there is an issue with your traction or if you are over, or under steer the vehicle. It may also pop up if you’ve been hit from behind or if you are having trouble driving out of line due to poor weather. The car will then try to correct any traction issues it is experiencing.

Lets explain further:

What Does Service Advancetrac Mean

Owning a car comes with some responsibility. You learn all you need to know about your car; its quirks, how it runs when it needs to be serviced, and how to properly care for it. In short, the car becomes like a child to you.

2013 Ford F150 Advancetrac Fix

When you feel you know all you need to about your vehicle, another dashboard warning pops up proving you need to do a bit of digging and learning. Today we will discuss the Advancetrac warning.

What Does Service Advancetrac Mean on dashboard

What Does Service Advancetrac Mean on dashboard

Most drivers have come across this warning and most have no idea what it is. What does service advancetrac mean?

Many car owners tend to worry and take their vehicle into a garage, thinking their car is dealing with major issues, but in reality, the problem is simple.

This article will explain all you need to know about the Advancetrac warning, and what you should do if it pops up in your vehicle.

What is AdvanceTrac?

So what does AdvanceTrac mean? AdvanceTrac is an electronic stability control system. Others may refer to it as a “traction control” system.

The warning is displayed whenever traction safety features may be unavailable or may malfunction.

How does AdvancTrac Stability Control Work

How does AdvancTrac Stability Control Work

The warning may also appear during emergency driving, or whenever you are driving during periods of low traction.

The Advancetrac Warning Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system also goes by a few other names, including Traction Control and Vehicle Dynamic Control.

The Advancetrac warning is found only in Ford vehicles as of right now with no plans to add this ESC system to other vehicles makes.

This warning system essentially is there to help you when facing possible traction problems, which can save your life.

What Does Advancetrac Do?

When this system senses the steering wheel being oversteered, any sort of skidding, and any other traction problem, the Advancetrac light pops up to give warning.

What Does Advancetrac Do

What Does Advancetrac Do

From there, the driver and owner of the vehicle will notice the vehicle doing a number of things; it could prevent your brakes from locking up with its Antibrake system, the vehicle could also work on your traction control by slowing your engine to get steering at the appropriate level as well as applying proper pressure to your wheels.

Overall, this system works to help you prevent a crash or serious injury and to keep you driving appropriately.

When Does The Advancetrac Service Warning Pop Up?

The Advancetrac system alert can pop up at a number of times, however, it usually pops up when your traction is out of whack.

It can also come up if you are over, or understeering the vehicle. Other times this warning light will come on is when you have been hit from behind, and when you are driving during bad weather and having trouble keeping your vehicle in line.

When Does The Advancetrac Service Warning Pop Up

When Does The Advancetrac Service Warning Pop Up

It will essentially warn you when it finds your vehicle is not having the appropriate amount of traction and works to help you fix the problem before causing any harm to yourself or the vehicle.

Does Advancetrac Affect My Driving?

The Advancetrac system does not cause any driving issues. It will only pop on when it finds trouble within your driving.

The warning informs you of the issues and lets you try to fix it yourself before working with you.

It will help you correct your traction as well as pressure in your wheels so you can get back to safely driving to your destination.

When The Service Advancetrac Light Comes On

The service Advancetrac light comes on when the sensors in the ESC system has found issues. There are a number of issues that can make this service light come on.

Advancetrac Light On

Advancetrac Light On

These include a faulty steering angle sensor, a problem with the steering rack itself, an object is lodged between one of the wheels or a possible faulty wheel speed sensor.

When these issues occur, it is very important you take your car into a mechanic to find out the root of your issue.

The light will not go out until the problem has been fixed. We have seen many people complain that their advancetrac light stays on, but it will stay once until the issue is addressed.

Other Reasons For The Advancetrac Service Light

In some cases, you will need your entire service Advancetrac system to be reprogrammed. While there are a couple of reasons for this problem, reprogramming the Advancetrac system takes very little time and isn’t very costly.

Other Reasons For The Advancetrac Service Light

Other Reasons For The Advancetrac Service Light

It will then go back to help you navigate the road safely and with a sort of angel looking over your shoulder while you are driving.

Mechanics have found that the number one reason for your service Advancetrac system needing to be programmed is some type of liquid damage to your system.

Do I Need A Mechanic To Fix This Problem?

It is strongly encouraged a certified mechanic fixes your Advancetrac issue. If you were to try and fix it yourself, you could cause more damage to the system, which in turn would cost more money than it would have initially for a mechanic to fix it for you.

It is always encouraged that professionals fix problems that are complex in vehicles as it causes you less stress and less time without your vehicle, and saves you money.

How Long Does Advancetrac Take To Fix?

When you are having the Advancetrac serviced, it usually only takes a certified mechanic up to an hour to two hours to fix.

Depending on the problem with your service Advancetrac light, it can sometimes take no more than forty-five minutes to find the problem and correct it.

It all depends on your mechanic and how quickly they can work.

How Long Does Advancetrac Take To Fix

How Long Does Advancetrac Take To Fix

The Advancetrac system is a complex but very helpful one. It saves you from severe accidents as well as makes sure your car runs smoothly while it is running.

If you are finding issues with your service Advancetrac light, it is important to get it looked at right away.

If ignored, it can cause your driving to suffer as well as cause more issues within the electrical system, which means more money and more stress.


Don’t let your Advancetrac worry you or cause headaches; simply get your mechanic to perform a few quick tests and correct the problem so you are back on the road with a system that works to watch your back and keep you safe.

It’s worth the time and money spent at a garage! You can’t put a price on your physical safety and your well-being while on the road.