(Last Updated On: June 6, 2020)

Today we have a major showwdown betweeen two of the best performance muffler brands – both engineered for greatness – the Magnaflow or Flowmaster. Whoich is the better brand? We shall find out!

Its a coimmon question – What is the difference between Flowmaster and magnafod? An even more common question is – which is better? Flowmaster or magnafold?

Thats understandable, the choice of Flowmaster or Magnafod is an important one that mnay people face – not just performance car owners. In fact, whether you drive a regular truck, SUV or even a regular car you may be asking the question – which one should I choose?

For most poople it doesnt matter and the choice of Floemater or Magnafold is neither here nor there. You will find an excellent exhaust for, either of tehe companies anyway. For gearheads the choice  is all about the raw sound. For race car driver, its about performance and for others its about brand loyalty.
Yet, there are several factos to consider in determingw which exhaust muffler brand is better for you. Lets get to it…







Performance mufflers are a dyme a dozzen, but few can claim the kind of popularility and brand loyalty that Flowmaster and magnafold enjoy. Not only have these brands ben around for many years, but they have consistently proven to manufacture quality performance moufflers that are robust, powerful and durable.

We do hope that after our analysis of Flowmaster vs magnafold, you would have determined for youself which brand is better for you. Dont worry if you havent chosen a specific muffler option just yet. Thats ok, you can always check out the above listing of the best options form Magnafold and Flowmaster. In any case, we wish you all the best in your search for quality performance.


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